Videos of the Plone Conference Talks

Oct 12, 2010

We appreciate that there is a fantastic amount of value that comes out of the talks at the conference and we want to capture that the best we can.

This year we decided to outsource the video capture and production of the talk videos to an outside firm, Aurora AV. Whilst this is quite an expensive move, it means that we can be sure to get the videos captured as best we can and online as soon as possible.

All four rooms will be capture on all three talks days (ie including the Open Space day). We will have a manned video camera in the largest of the conference rooms, and unmanned cameras in each of the other rooms. We will also be taking a feed from the projectors as well, so will be able to produce picture-in-picture videos showing both the presenter and the screen as well. High quality audio from lapel and podium mics will also be captured.

We will not be streaming the sessions live, but the videos will be edited and uploaded within a few days of capture, and we are expecting the first videos to be on the site before the end of the conference. By the time you get home and come down from the conference-high the videos should be all online for you and your colleagues.

With this in mind, we would like to request that you do not bring along your own equipment and try and stream live, as this may just end up getting in the way as we might have quite a full venue.