Plone in Business

Tuesday, 26th October 2010

This is a one-day, standalone, event aimed specifically at end users, managers, analysts, and consultants who are currently using Plone within their organisation. Or those people looking to find out more about Plone with a view to evaluating it for their needs.

This event is separate from the main conference and will have a separate registration. It will be free of charge.

The day will be split into two distinct halves:

The first half will be run in conjunction with JBoye and will launch a new Community of Practice specifically for Plone users. This will be open to a small group of people who are interested in a trial meeting of the Plone CoP and to find out how they run.

The second half will be open to a wider audience, and will be for those people who want to find out more about Plone and will consist of a number of case study presentations about Plone from various sectors.

Register for your place at this free event here

A draft schedule of the day is below.

Community of Practice (invite only)

9:00 - 9:30
Registration and Coffee
9:30 - 9:40


9:40 - 10:00

Introduction round

10:00 - 10:30

Presentation: Plone Alone?

10:30 - 10:45

Discussion + Q&A

10:45 - 11:00
11:00 - 11:30


Janus Boye, JBoye

11:30 - 12:00

Discussion + Q&A

12:00 - 12:30

Moderated knowledge sharing

based on discussions from the morning

Plone Showcase

12:30 - 13:30
Networking Lunch
13:30 - 14:15

Connexions and Enterprise Rhaptos — A Global Education and Plone Success Story

Joel Thierstein, Connexions / Rice University, USA

14:15 - 15:00

A Comparison of Plone with other CMSs

Mike Grafham, Deloitte MCS

15:00 - 15:15
15:15 - 16:00

Open Source Content and Document Management in the Public Sector

Graham Oakes, Principal, Graham Oakes Ltd

16:00 - 16:45

Citizen Space - Building public engagement and consultation for government in Plone

Gez Smith, Delib, UK

16:45 - 17:00

Closing Wrap-Up

Geir Bækholt, President, Plone Foundation