A Whole Week of Plone Goodness!

Oh boy, do we have an amazing week-long load of Plone goodness for you! There is something here for everyone, whether you a seasoned Plone ninja, or a new user just muddling your way through...

Starting with the Plone Training on Monday and Tuesday, you can get up-to-date training directly from some of the most knowledgable people in the Plone Community.

Also on Tuesday will a parallel running event, aimed directly at managers, analysts, evaluators, and decision makers wanting to find out more about Plone: Plone in Business. This is a standalone, one-day event, which will start with the launch of the Plone Community of Practise followed by case studies from various organisations successfully using Plone.

Then we get onto the main meat of the conference from Wednesday to Friday. Come along and hear talks from a variety of community members. There will be over fifty scheduled talks running across four parallel tracks on the first two days of the conference, with talks for those new to Plone, designers, integrators, and experienced Plone developers.

Find out about new developments in Plone, and learn about new techniques and products from some of the most experienced people globally within the Plone community.

There will be an opening keynote by Plone founders, Alan Runyan and Alex Limi on the Future of Plone. There will also be a guest keynote in the evening by land speed record breaker, Richard Noble. He will be talking about challenges in getting the conventional engineering world to understand the new, distributed, agile world needed to push the boundaries of engineering... not unlike issues we face with Plone and Open Source in general.

There will be the Plone Party and dinner on Thursday evening in which we will be running a mini Beer and Pie festival and you get a chance to kick back with a local ale or cider, listen to some great music and chat to fellow Plonistas.

The final day of the main conference will be an 'Open Spaces' day in which we start with an empty schedule for the day and delegates propose talks on the day. Find out more about this on the Open Spaces page.

And if that's not enough... on Saturday and Sunday will be sprints. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in with other developers of Plone and work on code, documentation and ideas for the next release of Plone. One of the best ways to put ideas from the conference into practise and make our favourite CMS even better!